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    Artificial Intelligence
    Machine Learning
    Intelligent Capture

SmartImage enables organisations to focus on their core business processes through the smart classification of documents and extraction of meaningful information from such documents.

SmartImage removes the overhead involved in manually identifying documents and extracting relevant information for line of business processes and applications.

Automatic Classification

Document Types, such as invoices or contracts, are automatically identified by SmartImage through the latest techniques in Machine Learning and Smart Indexing.

Smart Extraction

Information are extracted using keywords, positioning, image identification, Machine Learning and others.

Intelligent Routing

Smart Routing Rules ensures that documents are routed for processing by the right people in relevant departments.

Custom Process Flows

Smart Image allows for the definition of customised process flows per batch type, enabling organisations to process images to their exact requirements.

Key Benefits

Lower Operating Costs

SmartImage is 100% web-based, allowing any employee in your organisation to be included in the processing of documents. The need for high-end processing workstations or specialised staff are alleviated by the simple end-user orientated design of SmartImage.

High Performance & Scalibility

From inception SmartImage was designed to be highly scalable. The solution can easily be clustered and extended by adding additional processing nodes to the cluster. SmartImage's architecture allows for multiple nodes to be deployed in order to process specific document types, processing tasks or load balancing.

Cost Effective

SmartImage does not employ complex pricing options such as individual user cost or per page costing. It is deployed once on a server and any amount of users or pages can be processed using the same server without additional costs.

Open Integration

Integration is part of SmartImage's design and forms part of its core architecture. RESTful API's are employed to make available most of the functionality with the system to external applications for integration, such as ERP, CRM, HR and others.


SmartImage implements both functional and technical features that is unique and sets SmartImage apart from its rivals.

Artificial Intelligence

By using the latest Machine Learning techniques such as deep learning, facial recognition and object recognition, SmartImage is the first imaging solution that can classify and extract data from documents based upon objects, such as logos, faces, cars and number plates.

Process Flow

With its unique process flow definitions, SmartImage can process any document type, from any source, making complex image processing tasks easy. Custom process flows can be defined using all the built-in functionality of SmartImage.

Auto Classification and Extraction

Through the accurate classification and data extraction methods defined in SmartImage, very few documents reach users for the manual indexing of extracted data, allowing them to focus on core business activities.

Data Extraction

SmartImage leverages positioning and contextual content to improve data recognition and classification accuracy.


Ideally suited for any document centric processes or background processing of business critical information sources.

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